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ANIMAL KINGDOM - Disney storytelling comes alive with creatures real and imaginary.  It's
a living storybook full of breathtaking adventure, where every turn brings unexpected wonders.
Blast through time to save a dinosaur.  Jam with Mickey and friends in a wacky jungle parade.
Encounter freely roaming wildlife on a safari across 110 acres of African savannah.  Laugh with
a swarm of 3-D bugs under a giant tree.  Get soaked on a raging river rapid ride.  And let your
heart sing along with Simba, Pumbaa and friends during a musical celebration of the circle of life.
Come explore all the surprises of nature combined with all the enchantment of Disney.

Animal Kingdom Park More than 4 million trees, plants, shrubs, ground-covers, vines,
epiphytes and grasses from every continent on Earth -- except Antarctica -- were planted at Disney's Animal Kingdom® Park.

Sensational Summer Safaris
Throw on your safari shorts, fill up your canteen and get ready for some fun in the sun - Savannah style! Enjoy this
one-of-a-kind expedition for the entire family at Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, and get face-to-face with
some amazing African animals. Giraffes, hippos, elephants, rhinos and lions are all on the prowl, along with some
poachers, too! Every experience is a new experience when you venture into the wild.

Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge

1 The Oasis Exhibits

7 Discovery Island Trails

13 Affection Section

19 Fossil Fun Games

2 Festival of the Lion King

8 Kilimanjaro Safaris

14 Flights of Wonder

20 Primeval Whirl

3 Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends

9 Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

15 Kali River Rapids Raft Ride

21 TriceraTop Spin

4 The Tree of Life

10 Wildlife Express Train

16 Maharajah Jungle Trek


5 It's Tough to be a Bug

11 Habitat Habit

17 The Boneyard

6 Discover the Stories Behind the Magic

12 Conservation Station

18 Tarzan Rocks

23 Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade

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